About Earth Abound

Earth Abound is a fictional nonprofit organization that works to preserve and protect the environment. They work on a wide range of environmental issues, like rainforest preservation and marine life protection. Comprised of just three full-time employees, but some ten dozen volunteers, they are a relatively small operation with a considerable supporting network.


Their Marketing Challenge

Earth Abound, like any nonprofit, struggles with staff shortages and budget restraints. These challenges make something like a digital marketing strategy extremely difficult to even plan for, let alone execute. Nonprofits might not need a marketing strategy as robust as a typical brand, but Earth Abound still has goals increase awareness and strengthen their donor base.

To assist in their annual fundraising, Earth Abroad has decided to use Shutterstock Editor?to create visuals that intrigue potential donors and invigorate their existing supporters.

Why Editor?

Editor is a helpful tool for a nonprofit with limited resources: It offers simple, easy-to-master design tools that put professional-looking visuals within reach.

Here’s how Earth Abound used Shutterstock Editor to strengthen their donor base and increase awareness.

Email Marketing

Email plays a pivotal role in establishing, developing, and maintaining relationships between a brand and its customers. Its role in the nonprofit world might be even greater, as it allows a platform for nonprofits to communicate frequently, transparently, and sometimes at length about issues their donor base is passionate about.

Earth Abound sends monthly update emails to their subscribers and donors, and with Editor they created a simple yet colorful header to engage their readers from the outset. Using Editor’s preset media dimensions, they could easily select a standard email header size to streamline the design process.



As a nonprofit built through grassroots campaigning, Twitter is an indispensable tool for Earth Abound. Every nonprofit can take advantage of the connective possibilities of the platform, which lets you access vast networks of people with similar interests, ideals, and values. They can also take advantage of trending hashtags that shine light on their efforts and increase awareness, like #GivingTuesday, or share real time updates during crucial activist gatherings.

Earth Abound used Editor to create a graphic recording the progress of one of their rainforest preservation campaigns. They inserted their own logo to customize the image, and added straightforward copy about their progress to make the information consumable and shareable.


They also designed a shareable quote, which lets them connect to new audiences and potential donors with some simple inspiration.


Finally, they made a graphic with a bold CTA, compelling users in the feed to “Donate today.” With Editor, they shared their design directly to Twitter – a completely streamlined process.



Earth Abound’s design needs don’t stop with marketing materials – they also need to design information for their volunteers, donors, and other supporters. Presentations are the standard way of sharing information, especially educational content. Since they’re so commonplace, they can also become too conventional, which is why they require engaging images.

Earth Abound used Editor to create a beautiful title slide for their 2017 Strategy presentation, which will be given to volunteers and shared publicly on their website. They gave the slide a professional touch by adding their own logo.


Ultimately, Shutterstock Editor helped Earth Abound create visuals that appeal to their existing donor base and increase awareness among potential supporters. Earth Abound shared community-building posts, calls for donation, and inspirational content. They also created materials to share vital information with their volunteers and other interested people. Combined, these engaging materials helped them fortify their donor base and engage with likeminded people.

Editor can help your brand stand out with easy-to-use features that make impressive design simple. To see how a small business might use Editor, check out fictional food truck Sweet Treats Bakery and their revamped brand identity, or yoga spot Eclipse Health Studio and its social media campaign.

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